Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here ya go Marie....

There! Now you can't call me a slacker! I just haven't had anything exciting to blog about lately.....boring central around here. I have been scrapping but nothing to brag about. Baseball is in full force and the boys are loving it. Emma just loves the playground part. She could care less about watching the boys. Emma and Caden's birthdays are coming up in a couple of weeks. I can't believe they will be 3 and 5...time flies. Ok, nothing else going on. Just had to make Marie shutup....your turn now lady!!!


Friday, May 02, 2008

Be Original

I could just tell when I woke-up today that it was going to be a crappy day. David and I fought, the kids were whiny and the weather is icky. Then my friend called at told me about some crappy news concerning the scrapbook store (All I gotta say is stick with your diecuts!) Ugh, I need it to be Saturday already!! Hopefully it will be sunny and the kids wonderful and David is off so no scrambling for a sitter! I have to work till 4 and we have a baseball parade in the morning but the rest of the day is free and I am hoping to get to Old Navy to get me some flip-flops and I heard a rumor that Target has pink glitter shoes for girls. Emma needs them!

Next week is Mega Meet in Novi, MI. The store will be closed but don't worry I will still be working my butt off in the name of scrapbooking. We will have a booth up there and I can't wait because the new October Afternoon will be in on Wed. and I am dying to play! We are taking their product plus QuicKutz, Paper Salon, Hambly and Melissa Francis. We also have some really cool kits made up using the Accucut. Anyone going needs to stop by and say Hi!

Ok, I am going to eat my lunch and take some meds....maybe my crappy cold is what is making my day crappy. Have a great Friday!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

I can really spell

Sorry for the horrible spelling! I really should proofread these things.......

It's Monday

Why do weekends tend to fly by? And the rest of the week goes very very sloooooooowly? I didn't even do anythignreally fun this weekend, just cleaned (almost done with my scrap room) and ate brunch at my Mom's. We did take the kids to Coldstone (Love their ice cream but so bad for you!) and let them run around outside. The boys make race tracks with their Tonkas and cars. Very cute how into it they get. I should take a picture of it sometime (I know, I am a bad scrapper). Emma actually took a nap and wasn't so grouchy for once. That kid seriously needs to sleep more.

I actually did a card this weekend. A simple thank you card using a Fancy Pants creative card ( all those card I had to have and then never used till now!). Turned out cute and once the pearls come in from Hero Arts, it will finished. And I started a LO of David and I. I crackled a tile frame and it turned out great. If you haven't used the crackle paint from Tim Holtz, you are really missing out! It is easie then painting since the brush is in the lid. Less of a chance that some 2 year old hands will get into it. I will try and upload some pics this week.

Well, that is all for now. Time to get some work done. I have a card class on Thursday and I need to get everything cut. Have a happy Monday!!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year again.....time to clean! I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning. I love the after and the organizing part but I hate getting started. You always seem to make a bigger mess then it was before. My scrap room is horrible at the moment. I started cleaning out all the supplies I didn't need this past weekend and ended up with a massive box of stuff I need to get rid of. I have too much and it was really impeding on my scrap mojo. So I am finally lettig go of all the items I had to have but will never use because they just aren't me. I am just now getting to the point of understanding what I like and my style so the others have got to go! It was hard because alot of it is things I have bought within the last year or so and are new and never used but they are taking up space and stealing my creativity!! So i just got done posting an ad on craiglist to sell that box. It feels so freeing! Anyone local who is interested here is the link: or just email me. There is some good stuff in that box but it just isn't for me anymore. I need room to buy more! (JK......kinda!)

I also want to point out someone's blog that I love. Erica was on our DT and she does great work. I love her cards and she just made up some more goodies for us using Paper Salon and Maya Road. Check out her blog at . (Hope she doesn't mind!!)

Ok, have to go back to doing some work! Have a great weekend!!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Isn't it crazy?

Life seems to get in the way, doesn't it? I haven't posted in so long that I am sure no one reads this but oh well. I am just now getting things back the way that they should be almost a year later. I miss so many of my friends and it breaks my heart to read their blogs and see how much pain they are in. I am also glad to see so many good things are happening too. All for now.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Me again...

Yeah, I know that I never reason to go over that again! Ha! Just wanted to let you guys know that Scrap Happy in Clyde opens tomorrow and the Grand Opening is next weekend so come over and check it out! I would love to see you guys! The store looks great! More Scrap Happy news too. Susie is going to be starting a design team and we will need people for both stores so get your best layouts/cards/altered items ready! Local girls only though right now! Also, there is now a blog for the
Same old, same old on the family front. Boys in school and Emma loves her brother-free time in the morning. She gets her first haircut on Sat. morning....finally! David really likes his job and we just added a new kitty to the household. Toby is not happy!
Exciting scrapbook news for me.....I will have another card published in Cards February 2008 issue! Very excited! It is was so cool getting to see my card in the August issue of Cards. I just got an email last week from Memory Makers and the 601 book should be out by the end of November so make sure you get a copy so you can check out my first pubbed layout!
Ok, have to go!! Have a great night!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why do I even have a blog?

I think the only reason I come here to post is to say what a bad blogger I have been and then never post again for about 6!
Just wanted to update my life and let some people know I am still kicking! We moved back to our hometown. Makes things easier for us (i.e. me) and luckily we have a great school system here. School starts at the end of August and Cam can not wait. Caden starts preschool in September and he is so excited. Emma is getting so big. It breaks me heart because she is my last baby.
Well, this is all I have time for. Dinner will be done in a few. Love ya!